Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: RV & L

Working with Debbie Penzo & Graeme McIntosh was a wonderful experience. Once this duo understood our needs and our criteria, they set out to find us a home. Given the limited inventory of homes for sale in our preferred area, they quickly realized that none met our family’s needs. They researched beyond current listings and reached out to their expansive professional network in an effort to work collaboratively with other agents to find us the right house. Within days, they were thrilled to find us a wonderful house that exceeded our expectations in our desired Summerhill neighbourhood. Debbie and Graeme are open-minded, professional and a joy to work with. It is very clear that this duo is also well respected amongst the Toronto agents. We sincerely believe that our success can be fully attributed to their perseverance. Sincerely, RV & L